I would like to say…

I would like to say that
I could lie to me
But nobody with empty smile
will help us
Cross my heart
I cannot stop until the day ends
I never think 
If Am I happy or sad?
But before tomorrow
When you wake up
In the morning
While the sun sleeps 
Stay with me a little more
I can see in your eyes that
There is no time to waste with apologies
I can take everything you have
Less the pieces of my heart
Till I die, I’ll be looking for them
You’re going vanish in the haze
I might be mistaken
But tell me before you go 
“Get out of my life”
Because I need to find a way
To replace you 
There is anything to worry about it, I promise
I just 
Need bring me to life again.
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All that I have

The window is wet, the roses died.
The sun woke up me this morning.
The night is still above me.
The children are playing behind the house.
I already locked the doors.
Please turn the light on.
I need darkness.
Leave me alone, bring me you.
Wait for me, go now.
All is confused, all is sure.
Cry or  smile?
I don't know.
No picture is real.
No dream is lost.
The time hoped is the minute we lose.
The secrets hidden are the dreams revealed.
You are nobody for me.
But you are...everything what I have.

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I need?

Right! I don’t really understand about everything.
Or seek the unexplored.
I have to imagine the imagined.
Browse the inexplicable.
Search between the lines, unaligned words
in the web of my thoughts.
I need?

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